Q. Why a small ad.agency ?
Q. What can Kenvus do for us ?
Q. What's all this going to cost us ?
We keep our overhead expenditures low and pass the savings on to you. Your package is customized to your budget - so; weíll never offer a quote that you havenít discussed during our initial meeting.
Q. Will it be a problem if we live in another city of Pakistan ?
With the help of internet and email, we are able to serve our clients wherever they are located in Pakistan.
Q. How much time does it take from the begining of a job until completion ?
The amount of time until completion depends on the type of job.
Q. Can you take digital pictures for use in advertising projects ?
Yes, we use digital formats in all our advertising projects, we have brand new digital photography equipment which means the best possible quality for your print job. One of our experienced photographers can come directly to your business or home and take as many pictures as are needed for your job.
Q. Can we get our ideas incorporated in the design ?
Sure. You can convey your ideas to us in a number of ways:
Describe your ideas in words and email the same to us.
-You can make a simple rough visual, scan it and email to us.
-You can talk to us over the phone.
-You can send us scanned images etc. that you like.
With this we will be able to understand your likes and dislikes in terms of colour, style and design. Even if you send us your ideas, we will also send you design options based on our own ideas and experience to give you a wider choice.
Check it out and see if you can find the answer to your question. If you canít find what you are looking for in the frequently asked questions page, please feel free to contact us.
or call us
A small ad.agency has the time to give your business one-on-one attention needs. When you work with a small ad agency, you work directly with the creative talent. People with the experience and knowledge necessary to help you actually grow more and increase your business or brand identity. We pride ourselves on the service provided. We believe advertising says much about a company, and a well designed, creative, and easy to read advertisement will stand out from the rest and increase the chances of getting a better response.
With Kenvus youíll find exactly what you need to promote your company,product or service and develop a complete package that meets all your advertising promotion needs.
Our relatively small team enables to provide an individual service. We are however, large enough to enthusiastically take on new projects and ensure each client is handled by the same team member from day one. We are capable of working to strict deadlines and provide finished work to publication specification