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The success of musical event planning is dependent on three crucial aspects, size, style and budget.

Size of the Music Event
When we plan a music event for our client, the first area to focus on is the size of the event. Whether it needs to be of massive proportion or a small gathering, whether it includes a talent show or just a soiree of known faces and the like? How many performers can we convince into participating and the expense for bringing in the artists, are all dependent on the size of the event.

Style of the Music Event
This is another key element of music event planning, the style in which it needs to be presented. Whether the client settles for a formal show or an informal gathering, whether the stress needs to be on classical roots or the new age musical innovations are all fundamental issues that need to be thrashed out at the planning level. When we sit to chart out the course of a musical event, this constitutes the foundation of the entire musical experience and how it is conducted.

Deciding the Budget
A music event planning is intensely dependent on a budget because the more money you are able to pour in, the better output you achieve in terms of getting great performers, vocalists, and experts on various instruments. It, therefore, becomes very important that we get a fair idea of the budget right at the beginning. Many times when client have a brilliant vision but lack resources, we also act as facilitators to help them meet potential sponsors and even take on the role of a negotiator with a promise of delivering a successful show in all aspects.