- Audio Productions
- Corporate Videos
- CD Presentations
- Documentaries
- Digital Photography
- Events Coverage
- Jingles
- Music Videos
- Sitcoms
- Special Reports
- SMS Marketing
- TV / Radio / Cable Commercials
- Talk Shows

- Annual Reports
- Brochures
- Calendars
- News Paper / Magazine Ads.
- Pharmaceutical Literatures
- Point-of-Sale Materials
We prefer to design websites on our own
created templates as per specification and requirements of our clients,
We do not use to develop websites by
using softaculous apps installers or
readymade web templates

We think flash technology has some disadvantages when used for designing websites. The first thing is the requirement of a flash player to be installed for watching flash movies. So if the user has not installed a player before he load a website he will experience certain inconveniences, and not everyone will have a wish to download flash player just to be able to view website.
Another disadvantage of flash based site concerns loading time. Flash animated content loads longer than regular one so the viewers of a website will have to wait more, and some of them may lose patience and as a result sleep before a website loads.